Our mission here at Brotherhood Barbershop is simple; to motivate and inspire our clients, barbers and community we serve through the art of barbering. A new modern environment, with the old-school barbershop feel, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for our clients. Motivation is the key to success, which is why you will find plenty of motivational quotes all over our barbershop to always uplift the clients as well as our family-staff. If we can uplift each client, then we can uplift the community which, in turn, uplift the world. 

Our appreciation for the client will always be a centerpiece of our mission now and in the future.  Respecting the client’s time, style aspirations and creating a welcoming environment that recreates the spirit of being with family, for the staff and customer alike.

Brotherhood Barbershop first opened it's doors in April of 2012 in Van Nuys, California by Anr'e Anduha and Michael Harvey. With their expertise in Nightlife Marketing & Promotion in Hollywood, California they felt it was time to create and promote something new. Which came Brotherhood Barbershop. The shop was a success soon there after the second location in Reseda, CA was opened in 2013. A few years later the biggest accomplishment was when the brand was expanded out of state. In 2017 Brotherhood Barbershop was opened across the street from UNLV. The barbershop's next step is set on Franchising.



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